Commercial Refrigeration Service

Having your commercial refrigeration equipment serviced every 3 months by a refrigeration
technician is ideal to ensure efficient running cost and a long life for your equipment.

Refrigeration service checklist:

  • Inspect and record refrigerant pressures
  • Inspect and test compressor and fan motor operation
  • Inspect system for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect evaporator and condenser coils for cleanliness
  • Inspect and clean condensation drains and pans
  • Inspect and test door seals and hinges
  • Inspect and calibrate temperature control
  • Test low and high pressure safety controls
  • Test defrost control operation
  • Test defrost heater operation
  • Benefits of having a preventative maintenance programs
  • Limits emergency breakdowns and repairs
  • Having your refrigeration equipment serviced at the most suitable time of the day for your
    business to limit loss of income
  • Limits spoiled foods and products

The majority of refrigeration breakdowns happen at similar times every year on the sunshine coast
and the majority of those breakdowns could be avoided with a quarterly maintenance program.
This is why we have design our preventative maintenance program to be carried out just before
these times.

There are two major factors that come into play and the first is the ambient temperature. In
summer the temperature increases which puts an extra load on your refrigeration system in a few
different ways, it adds heat to both the outdoor fan motor and compressor motor, it also increasers
the refrigerant head pressure causing the system to become less efficient and to have to run
longer and more frequently to achieve the same temperature in the refrigeration cabinet.

The second major factor in refrigeration breakdowns can be the most frustrating, it happens when
your business is at it’s busiest! Generally speaking when you are busier your refrigeration
equipment is working harder due to the extra load from opening and closing doors more often and
increased volume of product being stored in the refrigeration cabinet to keep up with the increased

If you are tired of having your refrigeration equipment break down and are interested in our
preventative maintenance program please contact today for a obligation free quote.

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